About Us

ZABLON GROUP, is head quarter in Ethiopia Addis Ababa specializing, processing and exporting of Ethiopian Agricultural commodities to the world market. ZABLON GROUP become number one exporter of Ethiopian pulses for the year 2015/16 fiscal period. Zablon Group strategically locating its warehouse, processing and logistics office in Adama Ethiopia which is strategic place for all commodities linking south east west and northern Ethiopian , Zablon Group is expanding its business with similar business ethics, Zablon Group management decided to export Ethiopian Gemstone to the world market.


Organizational structure

The business is managed by Managing Director, & five division level managers: HR & Logistics division manager, Import and Export division manager, Factory manager, Commercial division manager, Finance division manager.

Our policy

We at Zablon Group, are committed to produce and deliver high quality products at competitive price meeting customer requirements and other statutory norms to achieve customer delight through on continual improvement and employee involvement.





To make differences recognized and trustworthy by creating unique value.

Trust –we will deliver on all our promises –our word is our bond.

Courage- we will support our decision and actions with conviction.

Innovation –we will think laterally and never fight shy of embracing big ideas .

The core philosophy of Zablon Group is to be a one stop service for clients by providing relevant, up-to-date and in-depth information on price movements, commodity trends and market dynamics.

We believe in nurturing relationships by being proactive, responsible, reliable and reassuring customers into building lasting relationships.

We are focused on niche markets where we have distinct operational advantages and valuable insights

“Reliable contractual performance is the touchstone of Zablon Group success” – Mr. Biniam Bedewi, MD