To become the world leading and effective trading Hub


To contribute significant impact on people’s healthier quality of life.
To contribute highest economic growth through highest export performance.
To create millions of job and success opportunities.

Our Goals

Customer Driven

We take great pride in catering to our clients’ needs. By providing a positive working relationship with our clients, we are able to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations. That’s why providing to our customers the highest quality pharmaceutical product from manufacturing partners with full compliance to strict cGMP guidelines and who are regulated by leading authorities such as WHO, EDQM, TGA, US-FDA, UK-MHRA etc. is our number one priority

Core Values and Commitments

In alignment with our mission, we have identified “Core Values and Commitments” as the basis for an attitude of cooperation and proper value judgments and as the criteria for our business activities and decision making.
Core Values comprise the following: Innovation, Integrity, and Accountability.
Based on our “Core Values”, we have formulated our “Commitments”. Each member of Zablon Trading PLC should look back to the Core Values and Commitments before embarking on a course of action.

Core Values
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

For us values are compasses that direct our destiny. The following are the key words in our values.

  • Quality products and service
  • Commitment
  • Continues Learning
  • Positive team spirit
  • Respecting others
  • Loyalty
  • Rewarding others’ achievements
  • Lending a hand to others.


  • Innovation → the introduction of new ideas, methods, or invention
  • Integrity → the quality of being honest and of always having high moral principles
  • Accountability → being responsible for the effects of your actions, and being willing to explain or be criticized for them


  • To take a global perspective, and respect regional values
  • To foster intellectual curiosity and strategic insight
  • To provide the highest quality medical information
  • To provide a stable supply of top-quality pharmaceutical products and Medical supplies
  • To be an ethical, trusted, and respectful partner
  • To be accountable for achieving our goals
  • To demonstrate professionalism, respect for others and teamwork